11 December, 2006

Finals are coming!

Next week is final week, I will have one final presentation to do on Thursday night, one exam on Saturday morning, two on Monday, and last one will be on Tuesday night. Then I will be free. Man, I can't wait.

This weekend, I spent some time with Andrew shopping. Actually, our Christmas shopping was done long time ago, but lately, we have been hunting for a Wii. I know there is no need to walk around to find one. Becuase it's not possible to get one from the store now unless we camped out at the store over night. But I think it's always nice to walk around with Andrew.

No big news, my Fit is still not here yet, and my car has been dying. It keeps overheating if I accelerate too much, then I have to park somewhere and wait for it to cool down, and then I can go again. So, recently, I have been driving very very very slow, which drives me "banana". (my friend Ade always phrases it that way). So I am still crossing my fingers and hope the Fit will be here SOON.

This weekend, I supposed to study for a "quiz" which is on Monday. However, I really dislike this class which made me postpone the studying until the last mintue which is at9pm sunday night. I am not very concern about the test, because I do know or understand "everything" the professor taught us. If I knew everything, I didn't really have to study, I think . But considering myself as a hard-working study, I did spent couple hours to rewiew the subject.

I forgot to mention, I have not been feeling well since Firday. I have had running nose and sore throat. So Friday night and Saturday night, I did sleep a lot. I watched some TV with Andrew and of course, I knitted a bit. As I said before, I am knitting couple scarves for Red Scarf Project . Here is the first one:
After 5 mins:

After 15 mins:

Finished within 2 hours:

And I have started the second one:

Anyway, it's bed time...

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Anonymous said...

Who is the manly mannequin?!?! Seriously, your knitting is incredible. Can't wait to see it in person!
Love, Mom H.