31 December, 2006

No white Christmas this year!

I had a very nice Christmas this year. As I said on the last post, Andrew got me a wii for Christmas. I couldn't wait until the 25th to open that. So we played the Wii for the whole Saturday, which caused me walking and acting like a robot on Sunday because my arms and back were so sored. I don't think I have to go to the gym anymore.

My mother-in-law made a very nice Christmas Eve dinner, very tasty roast beef and my new favorite, scalloped potato with white sauce, yum... Next morning, of course, we opened our gifts.
First, let's test my memory and see what we gave out this year. We got Andrew's parents a universial remote control, so they don't have to use 5 remotes to watch tv. Got Mom H a pair of red leather gloves, little garden decor, "home sweet home" candle. Got Dad H a awesome tree calendar. Gave Alison 2 neat purple glasses and a computer game. Gave Grandma H and Grammy a nice wrap/stole. Gave Gramper a Schick hat. Gave Becky a Denise needles set, but she already got it from someone esle, gave Mike a gift card, gave Lindy a mogu people pillow, a toy for Michael. Hats and scarves for my parents, and 3 seasons of "Family guy" ($16/season, good deal) for Kaho. I also gave Andrew 3 seasons of "Arrested Development"(only $34 total, very good deal), movie "Ice Pirates", and a calendar.

And then what we got this year: Andrew got his favorite gift ever from his parents...

He loves the Nerf gun. That's all he played with after we came back. He also got an air force t-shirt and I got a Knitting calender from Mike and Becky. I got a Wii game and Wiimote from my in-laws. ( something wrong with me and Andrew, we both "still" want toys...), Mom H got me a SnB calendar a cook book and a Knitster shirt(my favorite gift and gift bag this year). When we came back, we also brought back home Mom H's famous dish, cube steak. It was very good, yum...

I think I have bragged too much already. So... During the last week, I have finished the scraf for my dad and another hat for my best friend Renee. And now I am working on my sweater, hopefully I can finish it before the school start. I still haven't gotten my new car yet. I can't wait for it to arrive so that I can to to SnB. I miss it very very much!!

I think I am going to stop here now and go watch the ball drops with Andrew.
Happy New Year!!

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Jasmine said...

Look at all the stuff!!

Hope you had a wonderful New Year Celebration.