20 December, 2006

Finals are done!!

Finally, all my final exams are done. I feel so free and happy. However, don't say I am crazy, I feel guilty that I am not studying or doing homework today when I was knitting and watching TV. It's a strange feeling.

Last Saturday, I had my Biology exam. Before that exam, we had 4 tests through the whole semseter. They were all multiple choice tests and exam, so we needed to use pencil to fill the "bubble" answer sheets. So from the first test, everyone knew that we needed to use pencil to take the tests. Our first test, 3/4 of the class didn't bring in pencils. Fine, it was the first test, the students didn't know. The second test and the third test, still half of the class didn't bring in pencils. I was very surprised. The more surprising was, at the final exams, there were still 1/4 of people did not bring pencils with them... I was like, what the... and of course, there were always people who came in late for class, but come on, it's the final exams, how could people being late? That's just not right, made me mad.

I want to introduce to everyone my favorite fat cat, Choppy.


ka-ho said...

well........good for you....enjoy your break for a month or some.........
what you gonna do with andrew though???

Bijal said...

yess!!! finals are done..im going to sleep the month off!

anyway, i dont mean to upset you more lol but i was reading something on Wii http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20061222/tc_nm/videogames_shortages_dc

so sorry! =(

ill ttyl...merry christmas!!

Bijal said...


Bijal said...

sorry lol...the CORRECT link -