06 December, 2006

Too old

I found out last week that I am not able to take one particular class next semester. I need that class, which only is offered once a year, to qulifiy to take other 2 classes in 2 semesters. So, to conclude, I will not graduate in 2 years. Instead, I will graduate in 2009, which I will be 31. I transfered to this school because I wanted to graduate college faster, but instead, I am graduating slower now. I am too old to be in college. I want to get out of there as soon as possible, so that I can get a better job. I think now I have to delay my baby plan. I am so mad at this school that making me my life harder.

Anyway, after my car broke down, I was not able to go SnB, my knitting group for couple weeks. Last week, Andrew was very nice that he drove me there. While I was knitting, chatting and laughing, he was reading magazines at the corner of the coffee shop and bored. I really appreciated he drove me there, because when I was there last week, I found out how much I missed Snb after I haven't gone for 2 weeks.

Since school is busy, final exams are coming next week, I haven't knitted a lot. Well, I shouldn't say it that way. I did knit for some hours, but I didn't finish a lot of project. I finished a gift hat, can't show the picture yet, because the owner read my blog quite often. besides that, I have finished a hat for my dad. I have been making lots of hats, because I have lots of left over yarn.

Lastly, I have started knitting a sweater for myself. Hopefully it will fit me this time. I am also planning to knit couple scarves for Red Scarf Project .


Andrew said...

I wasn't bored! It was nice to take a break from my computers and read a couple of magazines ... even if they were about computers. :)

Anyway, I was glad you could have a nice evening at SnB.

Blanche said...

Please forget your age when you're studying. What you should do is to 100% enjoy the school life as it is your 1st (or may be the last) time studying full-time in the college. There is a very long working life waiting you that you may find it is so disgusting. So you should well-equip yourself (eg learning Mandarin) for the coming good job in the prolonged period and you don't feel that the delay is a burden to you.

BTW, your knittings are so good and I want to order one......but HK is too hot, even in Dec. Can you guess the highest temp today?......unbelievable.....24 degree....I'm still wearing shorts!

So be happy and healthy!