13 December, 2006

I want a Wii!!

As my close friends know, I have been hunting for a Wii. It happened yesterday that I could almost buy one. I had this website, Refresh Thing, on my screen. It locates where the Wii is available online and it updates information every 30 seconds. I saw couple Wii bundles were available in KB Toys yesterday. So I added one in my shopping cart right away, then called Andrew to see if he agreed to buy one. He thought I was crazy to call and ask him, he wanted me to finish the transcation right away instead of wasting my time calling him. Then I tried to type in my address, credit card number and things, and then it asked me to register an account there in order to buy something. Ok, after I went through all the typing, I clicked "confirm order", and then this message showed up, "This item is out of stock". I was upset and a little bit mad at myself. It was in my hand, and I let it slip away. *sigh*, oh well... I guess there is no rush to get it right now. But I really want one. Here is a joke about Wii:

Anyway, couple days ago, I got my Bio test back, not final exam. I got a 99. It's not a big deal because it was a take home test. I think I should be getting a 100. However, I noticed lots of people were getting 80s in the class. Then I overheard people in class said, they spent maybe one hour to do the test. I did spend more than 2. Now I wonder, why won't people care if they spend one more hour working on the test, they would get an A instead of a B? Everything was in the book, if they read though it, they would get an A with no problem. Then I asked myself, was it worth it to spend more then 2 hours to get 99 on a test? I would still say yes. I don't know how do other classmates pay for college. I need to get good grades in my classes because a big part of my tuition is paid by scholarship which depends on my GPA. If I don't keep my grades up, my GPA will go down, and I won't be able to quilify to get the scholarship. Some people may say, "I don't care as long as I pass the classes and I can graduate", but I do care because I am not only looking for passing the class, I am aiming for a good grade.

As I studied for more than 7 hours yesterday, I allowed myself to knit for couple hours. I have started a scarf for my dad to match the hat which I have already sent it to him for Christmas.

Alright, I should go back to study.


Andrew said...

Merrii Christmas.

Andrew said...

Haha I'm posting this with the Wii! :)