22 December, 2006

New Jacket

On Tuesday morning, I used my birthday gift money to buy a jacket at Macy's. I have been looking for a hoody jacket with fur trim. So couple weeks ago when my car was still working, I window-shopped with An, and we found this pretty jacket. I was looking for a brown one, but I found this unique color jacket. It looks like taupe, light brown, but under different lights, it would have different colors, sometimes it is light green, or sometimes it is darker brown, pretty cool. Plus, I love the hood!!

Yesterday, I went to my friend, Chau's work. She waxed my eyebrows for free. She said it's my Christmas gift. I was very happy, so I got home and started knitting her a hat right away. After couple mistakes, I finailly finished this morning and I gave it to her after lunch. I hope she will like it, because I really like it. I think I am going to knit one for myself. Before I knitted the hat, I was going to finish my third pair of fetching as a gift for her since the left hand is already finished, I thought it wouldn't take long to finish the right hand. However, I couldn't find the left hand. I looked everywhere in the house, still didn't find it. Oh well, I am a little upset about that.

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