28 October, 2006

Late Birthday gifts!

After finishing a mid-term exam yesterday and a robot project today, I can taste a little freedom again. I did have lots of fun during the robot project. The robot itself doesn't do much, just moves an object from one place to another. But from assembling from lego pieces, to programmed it and made it do what it needed to do, it involved lots of work. I am lucky that I have some good (and bad) team mates to finish it all together.

Came home from school this afternoon, I opened the door and saw a package in the breezeway. "Wah....." my heart started beating really fast. It's from my best friend Renee.

(My last name is Hitchcock, just in case you don't remember :) )
I ran into the house, slammed the door, dropped everything else, and ripped off the package right away. "Wah....." again, I saw something in pink, some hello kitty thing, but I saved that for last to open.
Then I saw something I have been waiting for, the Vivian concert DVD. I remember several months ago, I was joking with Jimmy that since I couldn't go to the concert in HK, he should buy me DVD once it came out. He actually did remember what I have said, and bought me the DVD as soon as it came out. Then I saw a book which I requested Renee to buy it for me. She also sent me a lip color set from Anna Sui, beautiful colors. Last but not least, I opened the hello kitty package carefully. "Wah....." my heart felt a little sour, it's a hello kitty bling bling cellphone strap. Sooooo pretty.

I asked her to find me a decent hello kitty phone strap loooong time ago. She still remembered it(*tears). I always thought that my friends in HK don't think of me, but today I found out that they still do, and not even that, they put my says in their minds, remember what I like, care what I want. I really appreciate what they did and I feel I am so loved. They are my best friends, I love you Renee, I love you Jimmy. Thank you very much ....(* tears).

After openned up everything, I popped the DVD in the player right away, love Vivian very much and forever, even though she doesn't really sing well.

While I was enjoying the concert, I did not want to stop but I had to meet some new Chinese friends for dinner at their appartment. Before I went there, I stopped by Sam's Club and picked up a Italian cream cake from the Cheesecake Factory for my friends. (by the way, it tasted awesome. Very creamy but light cheese cake) When I arrived, My friends were just starting making dumplings. So I helped a little. After eating dinner, we chatted a little, then I went home. Although they are a little younger than me, I had a really great time being with them. Dumplings were delicious too.
Came home, watched a little bit TV with Andrew, then I kept watching the concert DVD again.... still enjoying it while I am writing this... oh my gosh, it's almost 4am, bed time...

25 October, 2006

Sick again!!

I have been sick since last weekend. I started to have a fever on Friday night. It stopped on Sunday morning, but I started to have a stomachache, and it never goes away since then. I am having a mid-term exam on Thursday, and I was supposed to study during the weekend, but I couldn't, so I have to use some of my sleeping time to do that this week. It's so irony that I am sick, so I need more time to be rest, but because I have to study for the exam, I don't have time to get rest, and if I don't get enough rest, I will keep getting sick. When will I feel better? (plan for this weekend, lots of homework = no rest) Moday morning, I found out that I have the cold sore again on my lip. It was a terrible experience when I was in HK. My lip got really big, and I looked very ugly. So due to all of my sickness, I went to see my doctor on Monday afternoon. She said I have some kind of infection. And the cold sore is because I am under stress(from studying I guess). She gave me some antibiotic. However, after I have been taking the medicine fro couple days, I still feel the same, not better. :( Luckily, while I was not in the mood of studying last weekend, I knitted a lot. That makes me feel better. So I have decided that, no matter what or how busy I am, Thursday would be my knitting day. Andrew agreed with me that knitting clams me down. So, I have decided to spoil myself, yay!!

20 October, 2006

Miss Home

Finally, I got my scarf done. It took me long time to finish it not because it's difficult to knit, it's because it's a boring pattern. So I knitted a little and put it away for a while, and then knit a little again, and so forth. The hat is way too small, it can barely fit me. I was thinking giving it to my neice, but she lives in Phoenix, a hot place all year round. So I guess she doesn't need it. Anyway, lately I have been missing my family. I wanted to go home this Christmas, but since I am going to attend my cousin's wedding where is going to be hold in where my parents are, I have to wait until next summer. Since I haven't cooked for a while, I miss homemade food. I miss my mom's dishes. I miss playing mahjong with my family. That's why I can't wait for summer to come, but winter is just here... :(

17 October, 2006

Happy tears

I couldn't believe it, Andrew baked me a birthday cake. For some reasons, I was very down yesterday(even though it was my birthday). Andrew wanted to cheer me up and make my day special, he went to Target himself and bought the ingredients for the cake. He came back, and was doing something in the kitcken. I was studying for my tests in the computer room, got very frustrated, so I didn't bother checking him out. But as soon as he walked in to the room, I smelled something good coming from outside. I didn't ask him what it was, I just walked out to the kitchen, and then... I saw a baked cake. And then, no surprise, my tears ran down from my eyes.
a double layer cake, incredible!! yeah, it doesn't look so good, but it tastes real good!!

Beside the cake, he also got me a Bday card. The card said, " To my wife, I love the way you do that amazing thing... putting up with me". I was so... I couldn't find a word to express myself. I want to say I am sorry to him, because, actually, I think he is the one who is putting up with me all these years. I really appreciated what he has been doing for me. We do fight sometimes(which couple doesn't fight?), but he always let me win. Lately, I have been so carzily busy at school, I don't have time to clean, to cook, to take care of everything, but he never complains about that. Instead, he does most of the household work. Sometimes, he even makes dinner for me, even though they are simple meals, but hey, I don't have to cook, how can I ask for more? See, another fact for proving that I am lucky that I have found Andrew.

15 October, 2006

October 15th!!!

I just met a friend, An, tonight. She is a wife of Andrew's co-worker. She is from China, an English teacher in a university. Since I don't know how to speak mandarin, and her english is very good, we spoke in English the whole time. She is such a nice and friendly person. I hope I didn't scare her tonight (since I talked so much) and we could keep in touch.
I am so happy that Yim Lam has remembered my birthday, I am impressed. Thank you so much for remembering me. I also got a lot of birthday cards and gifts from families and friends. I feel that I am so loved. And right after it passed midnight, Andrew gave me a present... a hello kitty
calendar. I love it, it's so cute.
I am knitting a secret project, and I am testing some yarns... I found a kind of yard I like it very very much, it's so soft, but I don't know what to do with it... so I used it to test some patterns... the following picture shows one of my tested patterns, can you tell what it is?
I know, I know, it's really hard to see/tell. But it is a paw pattern. so... I will try to use this yarn to make another pattern... Andrew also thinks it's really soft...

10 October, 2006

I am lucky!

I am happy that my parents-in-law commended that I am smart and work hard in school. It is such a big encouragement for me to work harder. My parents never commend me like that. They never told me "Good job" or something similar. But they always told me how bad I did in class, or how lazy I was back then. I guess it is because, for Chinese, especially in Hong Kong, being smart and getting good results in school are always expected by the parents. (plus I never did well in school in HK). It is our duty to work hard and get the highest grade in the class. There were lots of pressure given by the parents. It is funny that now they don't give me any, but I give a lot to myself.
Anyway, Andrew's father thinks that Andrew is lucky that he found me. I want to tell him that I think I am the lucky one who have been found. And I am fortunate that Andrew's parents or family are so nice
and easy to get along with. After Andrew and I got married, we have been helped by them in all ways. I am glad that they don't mind I am Asian, which have a very different culture. I remember when we got married, I told Andrew that I wanted to do some chinese ceremonies, which I wanted his parents or family to cooperate, like the Tea ceremony and the "Hair Combing Ceremony". They did all that just because I am Chinese. If their son had married an American girl, they would never have to go through those troubles.
Also, they are very patient. My english is not good, so that when they talk to me, they wold speak slower or make sure I understand what they say. I found that not too many people are able to do that. I can tell that because in school, people would not talk to me because it is annoying for them to keep repeating what they say. I am glad that Andrew and his family don't mind about my bad english(or maybe they do...). Sometimes I feel bad that when Andrew and I watch a movie at home, we have to pause it so many times because he has to explain to me some words in the movie. So if the movie is 2 hours long, may be we have to spend 3 hours to finish it.
After all, I think I am the lucky one who has found Andrew. :)
By the way, I have finished one of the scaves that I am knitting. It is the simplest scarf ever. One time I was shopping for yarn in a craft store. A lady saw me looking confused, so she asked me if I needed help. I told her that a) I am beginner and b) I liked this yarn, but I don't know what to do with it. So, she told me this easiest pattern for the scarf. Yay, I finished it in couple days or several hours... looks nice?

06 October, 2006

Happy Birthday!!

Yesterday is my favorite sister's, Yim Lam's birthday. Happy Birthday Yim Lam. For Chinese, the cousins with the same last name, we also call each other sisters and brothers. She and I were very close when we grew up. We told each other everything. I see her as one of my best friends. I wanted to post her picture here, but I know may be she doesn't want me to. Hey Lam, if it's ok to post our picture here, let me know.
And Today in my niece's, Lindy's birthday. Happy Birthday Lindy. Uncle Andrew and Aunt Phoebe give you the best wishes.

04 October, 2006

Finally, I am sick!

I feel horrible this morning. I am having running nose and sore throat. I guess, due to the weather changing and lack of sleep, I finally got sick. I hope it won't get worse.
On sunday night, I put my knitting project in a paper bag, and left the bag in the living room. And then when I came home after class on monday, I saw this...

Sticky has destoryed my yarn :( and now he is sleeping with a ball of yarn every night.

Saturday, Andrew went home to his parents' house and came back with a "I love Andrew" key chain from his mom. Apparently, she doesn't think I love him enough :) anyway, I love it, because it glows in the dark, I love everything glows in the dark, so cool!! Thanks Mom.

03 October, 2006

How to address parents-in-law?

Since Mom H asked me about the conversations while I was knitting, here is one.
We were talking about how to call our parents-in-law. As I know, some of the americans would call their in-laws by first name, but for Chinese, it is very rude. So, after I got married, I always call them Mom and Dad. (even before getting married, calling first names is also rude, so I called them Mr. & Mrs. Hitchcock). One girl in the knitting group told me that she has gotten married for a couple of years, but it seems like her husband never addresses her parents... what?? I agree that it is very hard to call someone dad, because you wouldn't have 2 dads... On the other hand, how would the in-laws address themselves when they talk to us? At the beginning of my marriage, when Andrew's Dad called to our house, he would say "Hi, Phoebe, it's Tom, how are you?". To be honest, I felt uncomfortable. It was because I was calling him "Dad", and he was calling himself "Tom". My dad never calls himself by his first name. It felt "distance" when Andrew's Dad did that. Now, It is funny that everytime my parents-in-law called, I would really pay attendion to how they call themselves. Mom always calls herself Mom. And I am glad that when Dad calls us, he says "Hi, Phoebe, it's Dad, how are you?" now. yeah!!

01 October, 2006

My hat again

I finally got my hat done. It is the first hat that I have ever knitted, and there is a pretty good chance that it could be the last also. But I do like how it looks and I am happy with it. There is a scarf which matches it, hopefully I will get that done soon too.


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