31 March, 2007

Girls Night Out

Bijal, Carolina, and I had a girls night out tonight. We went watch Blades of Glory. Oh man, it was ridiculously funny. I laughed so hard that I almost cried. I totally recommand everyone of you go watch it right away. :)
After movie, we decided we wanted Olive Garden for dinner. When we arrived there, I think it's around 9-ish, but it was packed, and there was still a 40-45 mins waiting. So we headed to Pasta Fair. It was quite empty... Anyway, I had the baked seafood combo, really good. The most important thing was, all three of us had a chance to sit down together to chat, to complain our school and our life(sound familiar? it's called bitching, haha). Although I still found myself having problems speaking in English, I didn't care what I have said was wrong or didn't make sense, I just wanted to try to listen more and talk more. I believe eventually I would speak better. Thanks Carolina and Bijal, I really had a great time. I was going to take a picture when we were havig dinner, but I forgot. And because I didn't take a picture, Bijal was so relieved. She referred me as a pictures freak, I take pictures of everything. Yes, I am a picture freak, I don't think there is anything wrong with capturing the happy moments in my/our life, right? I only take pictures of the one who I consider they are my friends. So SnBers, be aware, I am bring my camera with me soon... hahahahaaaa(evil laugh) :D

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