06 March, 2007


Andrew and I went to see "Cats" on Sunday night. It was nice. I like it, although I didn't understand most part of the show. :D We bought the tickets way back at last August. So we got awesome seats. It was supposed a special event for Valentine's Day, I know, it's a little late... We sat at the middle of the 4th row. We could see all the details of the setup of the stage, the costumes and the make up of the actors. So nice.

I had the Static test in the morning. I sucked, I don't think I did well. I am quite upset about that. Since everyone told me that Static is very easy, (ok, may be not everyone, maybe only Andrew) but I didn't undertand a thing in class. I feel very very frustrated and worried.

Next week is spring break, I am hoping I can go to work a bit and get some rest. I can't wait...


acambras said...

Phoebe, I know you can handle statics. If I made it through Structures class in architorture school, then it can't be totally out of reach.

I'm bringing that book to S&B tomorrow -- it has two methods for solving trusses, along with in-depth examples using both methods. Hope to see you there.


Anonymous said...

I want to see Cats! Don't worry about your class I'm sure you did fine. If all else fails then you can become a professional knitter! What do you mean that's not a profession?? :-P
Hope to see you soon!