16 March, 2007

Spring break

This week is spring break. I hanged out with An on Monday. We first went to Thai House for lunch, then we went shopping clothes for work, I was planning to work 2 days at Schick started on Wednesday. Then, we came to my house and baked a chocolate cake with coffee icing. It was the first time An bake a cake. We were both very excited.

So, I went to work on Wednesday and Thursday(at Schick). I worked in the physics lab, I were doing some testing, can't tell what that was, top secret :) I had fun. Since I worked in different department than before, I got to see and learn different things.

Andrew was sick since Thursday, so I didn't go to SnB. I missed it!! But, guess what, I have casted on another pair of socks... yes, another pair. It's called Feather and Fan from Socks Socks Socks. I am using Bernat baby fingering weight in soft lilac, because it's for my mom, the socks need to be machine washable and dryable. I got them in A.C. Moore when the yarn was on sale for $2 each, $4 for a pair of socks, great deal!!

I can't believe it snowed again in mid-March. When everyone is blaming global warming, it snows. I am not anti-saving-enviornment-or-energy, but it seems when people couldn't find a reason why it didn't snow during Christmas or Janurary, they blamed global warming. Wait, people blame globla warming for everything... ok, I am calming down... Anyway, it snowed very hard on Friday, we got at least 5 inches snow. We didn't measure exactly how deep the snow was, but it's quite a lot. We drove out last night, and saw couple cars sliding or got stuck, couldn't move, saw a taxi couldn't make it up because it slow down too much on the bottom of the hill.

I put another movie in my favorite movies list last night. Andrew and I was going to rent Borat last night, but of course on friday night, we didn't have luck, and they were all rented out of course. So, I picked this movie called Stranger than Fiction. I never heard of that movie before. When I saw it, (Andrew was outside cleaning the snow on the car), I thought it could be funny since it has Will Ferrell, and Andrew like him a lot, so I rented it home. After watching it 15 mins, I found out that it's not quite funny. After watching about 30mins, it's quite interesting and creepy. After finished watching it, I felt in love with this movie. It's a very simple but not possible story, but it's very meaningful and touching and crazy. Totally recommand this movie to everyone.

Lastly, my spring break is pretty much over, and I don't want to go back to school!! I am having 3 mid-tern exams next week. Wish me luck!!


jennsquared said...

Good luck! The socks look good! :)

Anonymous said...

pheebs its 2:14am, your cake is making me drool on my report! =)

acambras said...

It's 10:30am and suddenly I have a craving for chocolate cake...