03 January, 2007

Happy New Year!!

During the holiday, Andrew and I watched lots of movies. We watched "The devil wears prada", "Fearless" which was Jet Li's last Wusho movie, "Lucky numer slevin" which was a very confusing movie, but I like Josh Hartnett a alot( please don't judge me), and "The Jacket" which I totally recommend it, very interesting.

Andrew has been back to work since yesterday. And I am staying home doing nothing. Well, not really nothing. I did clean up the house a bit, took down the 2006 calendars and put up the 2007 ones, updated the birthday list(Thanks Mom), went to Barnes and Noble, and cook a little.

This is funny, for Christmas, I gave my sister-in-law a set of Denise which she already got it from someone else. And then she got a a knitting calendar for me which I have already got one for myself earlier. She gave me the a calender wtih a gift receipt from Barnes, so that I could exchange something. However, I bought the Denise set online which she can't return it. Sorry Becky. So, I went to Barnes and Noble yesterday and got this...

My goal of this year is to learn Chinese. Yeah, I am Chinese, but I don't know how to speak Mandarin, therefore, I want to learn it.

Last night, Andrew and I FINALLY started watching "24" season 1. We have watched 3 episodes in a roll and we didn't want to stop. Before we started, it seemed like Andrew kept avoiding watching it. But now we have started, he doesn't want to stop. It's funny he said to me last night, "May be I should take tomorrow off and watch 24 all day". Yeah, we wished. He also asked me a VERY funny question, but I am sure he would kill me if I mentioned it here. oh well. haha...

As for knitting, I have finished my Dad's reversible scarf which matches the hat I gave him for Christmas. So, it's the a "2 of 2" late Christmas gift of him. I am sure he needs it in Fargo.
I have made some progress of my kyoto sweater. I have finished the back, the fronts, and I am on the sleeves now. I also started MY 4th or 3 1/2th pair of Fetching, fingerless gloves. Since the I have lost the left hand of the 3rd pair, I decided to gave it up and started the 4th one, and it is for ME. I am aslo trying to make them with half fingers (if you know what I mean) which I was inspired by Jenn. I hope I can finish them before it gets warm.

Lastly, I have baked my first and second pumpkin pies during Christmas and New Year. I love them. They really tasted like pumpkin pie. :-D

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