12 January, 2007

First socks

I went to SnB tonight. I had a really good time. Maybe because I haven't gone there for a while(actually, long time), I realized how much fun it is after I went again tonight. I have learned some words, some slangs, and some geography, pretty interesting. Althought I ususally don't say much during SnB, but I do enjoy sitting, knitting, and laughing there. I can't wait to go next week again.

I wore my new favorite socks today. Grammy, Andrew's grandmother, got me these socks for Christmas. They have Choppy and Sticky's (my cats, one is grey and one is orange) butts on there. So cute.

Speaking of socks, I have started my first pair of socks yesterday. Thanks for the advices from Val, I finally got the needles(size 1) and socks yarn from knitpicks. The yarn is called Dancing, made with cotton, wool, nylon, and elastic?! didn't know that. That's why it's kind of stretchy. It feels a little funny to knit with. And I am using the magic loop method, it works pretty well. I am just getting used to the very thin needles and yarns.

Oh, speaking of needles and yarn from knitpicks, I have spent some of my christmas gift money at knitpicks. I bought couple knitting books, couple circular needles, and a set of Options. I have not used them yet. I will wait for casting on my scarf. Oh, I have ordered some Debbie Bliss Baby Alpaca Silk in lavenda for the scarf. It was on sale at Webs for only $4.99 per skein. I can't wait to knit with them. Thanks, Grandma H... these are what you have given me for Christmas...

I have also finished half of my half-fingered Fetching. Because I kind of modified the pattern a bit, after I spent so much time ripping and re-knitting, the left hand is done, however, I have problem finishing the right hand. I should have brought them with me to SnB tonight, maybe Val could help me out( I have already asked her lots of questions tonight). oh well, there is always "next week".


Erin said...

Hi Phoebe! It was good to see you at S&B last night (and to finally get a look at that cute car, too)! I like your socks, both the ones with the cats on them, and the ones you're making. :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, you did a good job with Fetching! It looks good. I haven't ventured to cabling yet...too scared.
As for the wii, I'm addicted. Have you played Trauma Center yet? It's so much fun!
Thursday night meetings are tough for me to make, I live all the way in Stratford. Maybe a Wed or a Sun meeting?