15 January, 2007


Andrew and I went to Ikea (again) yesterday to look for some living room and kitchen cabinets. We couldn't find any thing for the kitchen, we found one for the living room, but they were out of stock. It was very disappointing. Then we tried to go to Fridays for dinner. It looked crowded, I walked over to the "seating" ladies, we had eye-contact couple times, but they didn't ask me anything. Then couple guys came over, surprisingly, the "seating" ladies asked those guys how many people they had. I was really mad, then left right away. I honestly think those "seating" ladies were racists. (Even though Andrew didn't think so). I was so so so upset about that. I shouldn't be that surprised because it was the first time already. Should I tell myself to get used to be discriminated? Maybe, but why? I want to join into this society, but how come some one just don't let me? Anyway, we ended up going to Pasta Fair, I love that place.

Ok, as for knitting, my cousin, Lam, has received the scarf and hat I gave her for Christmas. So now I can show the pictures of them...

On Friday, I got the yarn from WEBS. I am so excited through mail, and can't wait to cast on for my scarf, but I need to finish my gloves and sweater first. *sigh.

Oh, I also went try on bridesmaid dresses at David's Bridal on Friday. I have tried on 6 of them and I think I am getting this one, but in Apple red.

Thess pictures can't really show the details of the dress. It has some pretty embroidery and a little train. Most important of all, it make my boobies look a little bigger :) I am very excited that my cousin Jasmine is getting married on 070707, and I will be one of her bridesmaids. Since for Chinese, once the ladies got married, they are not allow to be bridesmaids anymore, so this is my only chance!! So excied.

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Jasmine said...

Oh Man! You look really beautiful in the dress! Better tham I am going to look! You definetly can't stand next to me now :-)