17 January, 2007

I am so sleepy!

My sleeping hours are kind of crazy lately. I go to bed like at 4 am and get up around 11am. Not that I don't want to go to bed earlier, it's just that I can't. I have tried, but I just won't fall asleep when I was lying on bed at 12am. I feel very tired everyday. Also, School will start next week, that means my vacation is going to be over, so depressing.

I have received a lovely painting from my niece Lindy last week. And I forgot to post a picture of it. Now here it is...

I didn't do much knitting this weekend. I am now working on the collar of the Kyoto sweater STILL and my first sock. I guess the sock is not as hard as I imagined. And actually, it is quite fun to knit. I only hope they will fit me, I am crossing my fingers. I have finished the halfed-fingers Fetching, "finally". It took me forever for some reason. Lastly, I have started my first knitted hand towel.


Bijal said...

yeah! tell me abt sleep hours! im in the same position as you..cant afford that starting next week!! ahhhh pheebs..i dont want to goo backk!!

Anonymous said...

The sock is looking good!
I just bought Warioware last night. It's SO much fun!! I didn't wanna go to sleep, lol.