29 January, 2007

Thin or Fat?

Last week, I had a doctor appointment. During the visiting, I had to stand on the scale, I weighted the same as last time I visited which was couple months ago. Then I went shopping for jeans in the same day. I couldn't believe I have to wear 2 size larger than then before. Is that possible that I weight the same but my body is bigger? Very weird and disappointing. I used to wear XS, now I have to wear M.

Yesterday, Andrew and I were listening to the radio. The host was talking about the the ladies want to be thin not because we want to be, it's because the guys want us to be. It's funny, I think it's so true. I used to be quite big (compare with my Hong Kong friends), then my ex wanted my to be thinner, I went on diet which I lost some weight. (Lu Lu, I am not blaming you). I did think I look prettier since I was skinnier. Then after I married Andrew, he seems that he doesn't mind my weight at all, so I don't worry about dieting. Sometimes I think I should be a bit skinnier, should be on diet. But on the other hand, I love to eat, I think I look ok and I am happy what I am now. I know it sounds crazy that I think I am fat, my friends here in the US always tell me I am not fat at all. However, all my frineds in Hong Kong are so much thinner, compare to them I am fat. Well, now I always tell myself, as long as Andrew doesn't mind and I am in the US, I would be fine, I guess. :)

New picture of Kyoto sweater... almost finish, only missing the collar.


Jasmine said...

I think your are absolutely crazy worrying about your weight. In no way shape or form are you fat!

Especially living in the US, there is no "Skinny" culture here. More healthy. Guys like curves here, not how much you weigh.

BTW - you sweater looks good!

jennsquared said...

you are CRAZY to think you are fat!!!!

Kyoto is coming along quite nicely!!!

Baby Beth said...

Jasmine is right, men like curves here. You just have to keep telling yourself that you are living in a different country and so the culture is different as well. We place a large emphasis on size but lately it seems we are moving more towards a healthier lifestyle. Worry not. You are a-okay!

Anonymous said...

My Dear,

No matter u are thin or fat, u are what u are!! :)
I love your sweater so much, it is very nice, it would be great if I can have one too, hahhahhahaha:)