10 January, 2007

I am so excited!!

I got my car tonight. I was quite nervous driving it since it is my first new car. Andrew went online and set up the loan yesterday morning. Then I got the loan this morning, so fast. Then we went pick up the car tonight at 6pm, and we got home about 9. After we ate dinner and watched 2 episodes of 24, we went for a drive. I love the car. I can't wait to drive it tomorrow. Will post its pictures soon.

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Yim Lam said...

Haaaaaa, what a big suprise from you!!!! Sorry that I come here that late as I got sick for few weeks (running nose and keep coughing, visited dr x 3 times). I love your present. A big kiss for you ^3^. Happy New Year to you and Andrew. I always love you!!!