26 February, 2007

Free yarns

Several weeks ago, I bought some sugar'n cream cotton yarn for the Valentine hand towels. There were some black things within the yarns. So I wrote a letter to the company in Canada, and asked the reason of the black things in the yarn and if they are harmful. Last week, they sent me back a small package, which had a letter, 60 patterns and 3 balls of yarn. In the letter, they basically appologized and explained what happened to the yarn. (They have switched to a new material supplier) I expected they would tell me if the yarn is ok to use or not, but they didn't. I also expected to get some free yarns, and they did gave me some lol. What I didn't expect was, they gave me whole bunch of patterns, 65 of them. I will bring them to SnB and see if any one want to borrow them this week.

Yesterday, Andrew and I went to a Chinese New Year Celebration Show. My friend, Suyana, had a dancing performance, so I was there to support her. She was also very sweet to get me a huge discount on the tickets. It was $15/person, and she made them $8 each.
I was mad at Andrew before the show because he made us late to meet my friends to go to the show together. For those of you who knows me very well, know that I am a "on time" person, I hate being late. So, althought we were only couple minutes late yesterday, I was upset about it. And then we didn't know how to get to the location of the show, that also made me mad. I was the one supposed to know the location, but I forgot the print out the map and ended up making my friends getting lost in New Haven. I was mad at Andrew and myself, really. But when the show started, I forgot all the madness, and just paid attendion to the show. I enjoyed it very much. I was very excited to see the singer Yang Yen, 楊燕. yes, she is old, my mother told me that she is at least 60 years old. But her voice was still clear and nice. Yes, I know her and that means I am old also. It's funny though, most of my friend around my age wouldn't care for her, but since I listened to whatever my parent listened when I was young, so I knew her, and I like the music of the last generation.

The second part of the show was a Chinese fashion show called "Moving Forbidden City". It's very different. I wouldn't say I like the clothes, but I do thing it's interesting, and a special experience. I would say it's a weird fashion show. Look at the pictures below and you would agree with me.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Phoepe.

soozies said...

mysterious black things in the Sugar and Cream, sounds kind of scary! Nice that they gave you all those patterns, though!

Beautiful pics of the dresses, thanks for sharing them!