29 January, 2007

Thin or Fat?

Last week, I had a doctor appointment. During the visiting, I had to stand on the scale, I weighted the same as last time I visited which was couple months ago. Then I went shopping for jeans in the same day. I couldn't believe I have to wear 2 size larger than then before. Is that possible that I weight the same but my body is bigger? Very weird and disappointing. I used to wear XS, now I have to wear M.

Yesterday, Andrew and I were listening to the radio. The host was talking about the the ladies want to be thin not because we want to be, it's because the guys want us to be. It's funny, I think it's so true. I used to be quite big (compare with my Hong Kong friends), then my ex wanted my to be thinner, I went on diet which I lost some weight. (Lu Lu, I am not blaming you). I did think I look prettier since I was skinnier. Then after I married Andrew, he seems that he doesn't mind my weight at all, so I don't worry about dieting. Sometimes I think I should be a bit skinnier, should be on diet. But on the other hand, I love to eat, I think I look ok and I am happy what I am now. I know it sounds crazy that I think I am fat, my friends here in the US always tell me I am not fat at all. However, all my frineds in Hong Kong are so much thinner, compare to them I am fat. Well, now I always tell myself, as long as Andrew doesn't mind and I am in the US, I would be fine, I guess. :)

New picture of Kyoto sweater... almost finish, only missing the collar.

26 January, 2007

Chinese Class

Yes I am taking Chinese this semester. I am so happy and excited because I have wanted to learn Madarin so bad for looooooong time. This is how the story started. I signed up Human Communication CO100 to fill the communication elective slot in my curriculum. For some reason the number "100" just didn't sound right to me, I was afraid "100" class was not creditable. So, I went to my advisor to see if CO100 was the right class to take yesterday. The first reaction I got from him was "you're chicken, that is the easiest class." So that meant I took the right class. But, he said I could also take foreign language instead. Is Chinese ok? Yes. So I went to Conversational Chinese CN 101 yesterday at 1pm. (101 sounds much better than 100). The Chinese professor talked to me after class and suggested me to take CN 102 instead of 101. So, I also went to CN 102 at 2:30pm. After that class, the professor said it's ok for me to take 102, I would be bored in 101. So finally, I dropped CO100, and signed up CN 102. Yay!! Now I could learn Chinese and get the credits that I need to graduate. For the people who is thinking I am cheating, I am Chinese, why do I have to take a Chinese class, just to raise my GPA? No, that is nto the reason. Yes I am Chinese, but I speak Cantonese, not Mandarin. I have been dying to learn Mandarin for long time, since I think it's a shame that I don't know how to speak Mandarin. And most of my friends are from Mainland china and Tai Wan, so it would be much easier to communicate with them if I know the language. Good to luck to me on the Chinese class!!

And here is the current Kyoto sweater. It's "almost" done...

24 January, 2007

Mission accomplished!!

My mission was to attend all four SnB meetings in a week. I have been all Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday, and Monday(yesterday) meetings. I have one more day to knit... Tomorrow will be my last fun day before school starts :(

I have finished a couple of projects lately. First, my first pair of socks. Althought they are simple, but hey, since it's my first pair, I wanted it to be easy to be knitted. And both Choppy and Sticky like the socks very much. Sticky would not stop licking them. Weirdo...

I have also finished the Valentine's hand towel tonight. I want to say that I don't like the cotton yarn, it's very rough, but the product is practical. I have used a heart shape button for the towel, however the picture really doesn't show it. And the heart shape pattern doesn't look so good?! oh well, it's done.

I spent lots of time this afternoon to sew up the shoulders and sleeves of the Kyoto sweater. Man, I am not liking it. I like the sweater, I just don't like sewing. Apparently, I suck. Look at my first seam...

22 January, 2007


I have been doing some magic things lately. For my Fit, it has famous magic seats which the back seats could be folded up and down. Here are some pictures of the seats folding up:

As knitting, I am using "Magic Loop" method for my socks. I love the magic loop, it's so easy to use and let me avoid fighting with those double point needles... the socks are almost done(will be done today). I can't wait to wear them on Thursday and show them off to my knitting buddies.

17 January, 2007

I am so sleepy!

My sleeping hours are kind of crazy lately. I go to bed like at 4 am and get up around 11am. Not that I don't want to go to bed earlier, it's just that I can't. I have tried, but I just won't fall asleep when I was lying on bed at 12am. I feel very tired everyday. Also, School will start next week, that means my vacation is going to be over, so depressing.

I have received a lovely painting from my niece Lindy last week. And I forgot to post a picture of it. Now here it is...

I didn't do much knitting this weekend. I am now working on the collar of the Kyoto sweater STILL and my first sock. I guess the sock is not as hard as I imagined. And actually, it is quite fun to knit. I only hope they will fit me, I am crossing my fingers. I have finished the halfed-fingers Fetching, "finally". It took me forever for some reason. Lastly, I have started my first knitted hand towel.

15 January, 2007


Andrew and I went to Ikea (again) yesterday to look for some living room and kitchen cabinets. We couldn't find any thing for the kitchen, we found one for the living room, but they were out of stock. It was very disappointing. Then we tried to go to Fridays for dinner. It looked crowded, I walked over to the "seating" ladies, we had eye-contact couple times, but they didn't ask me anything. Then couple guys came over, surprisingly, the "seating" ladies asked those guys how many people they had. I was really mad, then left right away. I honestly think those "seating" ladies were racists. (Even though Andrew didn't think so). I was so so so upset about that. I shouldn't be that surprised because it was the first time already. Should I tell myself to get used to be discriminated? Maybe, but why? I want to join into this society, but how come some one just don't let me? Anyway, we ended up going to Pasta Fair, I love that place.

Ok, as for knitting, my cousin, Lam, has received the scarf and hat I gave her for Christmas. So now I can show the pictures of them...

On Friday, I got the yarn from WEBS. I am so excited through mail, and can't wait to cast on for my scarf, but I need to finish my gloves and sweater first. *sigh.

Oh, I also went try on bridesmaid dresses at David's Bridal on Friday. I have tried on 6 of them and I think I am getting this one, but in Apple red.

Thess pictures can't really show the details of the dress. It has some pretty embroidery and a little train. Most important of all, it make my boobies look a little bigger :) I am very excited that my cousin Jasmine is getting married on 070707, and I will be one of her bridesmaids. Since for Chinese, once the ladies got married, they are not allow to be bridesmaids anymore, so this is my only chance!! So excied.

12 January, 2007

First socks

I went to SnB tonight. I had a really good time. Maybe because I haven't gone there for a while(actually, long time), I realized how much fun it is after I went again tonight. I have learned some words, some slangs, and some geography, pretty interesting. Althought I ususally don't say much during SnB, but I do enjoy sitting, knitting, and laughing there. I can't wait to go next week again.

I wore my new favorite socks today. Grammy, Andrew's grandmother, got me these socks for Christmas. They have Choppy and Sticky's (my cats, one is grey and one is orange) butts on there. So cute.

Speaking of socks, I have started my first pair of socks yesterday. Thanks for the advices from Val, I finally got the needles(size 1) and socks yarn from knitpicks. The yarn is called Dancing, made with cotton, wool, nylon, and elastic?! didn't know that. That's why it's kind of stretchy. It feels a little funny to knit with. And I am using the magic loop method, it works pretty well. I am just getting used to the very thin needles and yarns.

Oh, speaking of needles and yarn from knitpicks, I have spent some of my christmas gift money at knitpicks. I bought couple knitting books, couple circular needles, and a set of Options. I have not used them yet. I will wait for casting on my scarf. Oh, I have ordered some Debbie Bliss Baby Alpaca Silk in lavenda for the scarf. It was on sale at Webs for only $4.99 per skein. I can't wait to knit with them. Thanks, Grandma H... these are what you have given me for Christmas...

I have also finished half of my half-fingered Fetching. Because I kind of modified the pattern a bit, after I spent so much time ripping and re-knitting, the left hand is done, however, I have problem finishing the right hand. I should have brought them with me to SnB tonight, maybe Val could help me out( I have already asked her lots of questions tonight). oh well, there is always "next week".

10 January, 2007

Fit pictures

Let me present to you my new car... Honda Fit. Tada....

Andrew and I drove about 40 miles last night, and I am loving it. (wait, will I get suited by McDonald's for saying this?)
Some one said it looks like a small mini-van, looks ugly. That's ok, I think it's different. I like it.

I am so excited!!

I got my car tonight. I was quite nervous driving it since it is my first new car. Andrew went online and set up the loan yesterday morning. Then I got the loan this morning, so fast. Then we went pick up the car tonight at 6pm, and we got home about 9. After we ate dinner and watched 2 episodes of 24, we went for a drive. I love the car. I can't wait to drive it tomorrow. Will post its pictures soon.

08 January, 2007

It's here!!!

My Fit is finally here. I am very excited!! However, we can't pick it up yet because we are still waiting for the load and insurance. May be in a couple of days, I will have my car and I may make it to SnB this week. Yay!!

06 January, 2007

Is spring here?

It has been very warm lately, around 50s degree for the last couple days. It's crazy. Where is the snow?

Couple days ago, I tried to call my car dealer and see where my car is. While I was being held in the phone, I was looking at their (that car dealership's) website and find out that they have a Red Sport Fit for sale. I was really pissed. I didn't reach the salesman, but I left him a message and asked him what is going on. Then I called Andrew right away to tell him what I saw. He then called the "online salesman", and asked about the car. When the salesman found out that it's Andrew, he put Andrew talk to a manager. The manager told Andrew that the car on the website IS our car. We can use that VIN to get insurance and things. The car is being shipped from Japan. And we are expecting it to be here next week or so. ( I am crossing my fingers). I can't wait for it to be here. I have not been going anywhere far. I miss SnB. I even got a gift for my Fit from my parents-in-law. We have put a down payment on August 16th 2006, so it has been almost 5 months already. I just can't wait any longer.

"24" has been interesting. Andrew and I have watched 10 episodes so far, but I always think it is going to end in any minute soon, and well, there are 14 episodes more to go... I am so addicted to it since I want to know what else can make the show go 14 episodes longer...

Back to knitting. I am slowly making my kyoto sweater sleeves, very slow. I am also trying to figure it out how to make fingers for my fingerless gloves.

I was actually on the ring finger already, but I thought the other fingers were so wide, so I have decided and started to rip them and re-thinking how to knit them.

Andrew and I also are thinking to rearrange our living room. So the weekend, we will station at Ikea. If you are looking for us, now you know where to go. :)

03 January, 2007

Happy New Year!!

During the holiday, Andrew and I watched lots of movies. We watched "The devil wears prada", "Fearless" which was Jet Li's last Wusho movie, "Lucky numer slevin" which was a very confusing movie, but I like Josh Hartnett a alot( please don't judge me), and "The Jacket" which I totally recommend it, very interesting.

Andrew has been back to work since yesterday. And I am staying home doing nothing. Well, not really nothing. I did clean up the house a bit, took down the 2006 calendars and put up the 2007 ones, updated the birthday list(Thanks Mom), went to Barnes and Noble, and cook a little.

This is funny, for Christmas, I gave my sister-in-law a set of Denise which she already got it from someone else. And then she got a a knitting calendar for me which I have already got one for myself earlier. She gave me the a calender wtih a gift receipt from Barnes, so that I could exchange something. However, I bought the Denise set online which she can't return it. Sorry Becky. So, I went to Barnes and Noble yesterday and got this...

My goal of this year is to learn Chinese. Yeah, I am Chinese, but I don't know how to speak Mandarin, therefore, I want to learn it.

Last night, Andrew and I FINALLY started watching "24" season 1. We have watched 3 episodes in a roll and we didn't want to stop. Before we started, it seemed like Andrew kept avoiding watching it. But now we have started, he doesn't want to stop. It's funny he said to me last night, "May be I should take tomorrow off and watch 24 all day". Yeah, we wished. He also asked me a VERY funny question, but I am sure he would kill me if I mentioned it here. oh well. haha...

As for knitting, I have finished my Dad's reversible scarf which matches the hat I gave him for Christmas. So, it's the a "2 of 2" late Christmas gift of him. I am sure he needs it in Fargo.
I have made some progress of my kyoto sweater. I have finished the back, the fronts, and I am on the sleeves now. I also started MY 4th or 3 1/2th pair of Fetching, fingerless gloves. Since the I have lost the left hand of the 3rd pair, I decided to gave it up and started the 4th one, and it is for ME. I am aslo trying to make them with half fingers (if you know what I mean) which I was inspired by Jenn. I hope I can finish them before it gets warm.

Lastly, I have baked my first and second pumpkin pies during Christmas and New Year. I love them. They really tasted like pumpkin pie. :-D