02 February, 2007

My professors are killing me!!

I remember I did very bad at one of the high level Math class in HK. One of the reasons was I didn't study hard enough. Another reason was I had a horrible teacher(Chui sir). He didn't know how to teach. this is how he taught: He would read a math example from the text book. I mean he really was reading words to words... x+3 = 2x, so 2x-x = 3, then x = 3. Then we, the students, would ask, why 2x-x? Then he would say, because x+3 = 2x, and then 2x-x = 3, therefore, x = 3. If we still didn't understand, he, honestly, would just read it over again. And that's why I always blamed him that I failed the class. As I thought I had escaped from him, I am having another professor who does the same thing now. OH MY GOSH!! Another book reader!! I don't want to fail this class!! He is killing me.

There is another one who is killing me. Couple semesters ago when I had Chemistry at Gateway. That Chemistry professor used his math expression wrong. If we needed to find the answer of 100 plus 50 divided by 50, he would write the following equation in "one" line on the board:
100+50 = 150/50 = 3
What's wrong with that? Yes, the answer is 3. You may hate me, but as a "math" person, that expression is not correct. It can't be writen in one line. To me, the above equation means, 100+50 = 3. So I was bold enough to tell him that he was wrong. After that, I thought it was over, but nooooo. In one of my classes this semester. Another professor does the same thing again!! And surprisingly, he was major in Chemistry too!!!!!! This time, I think I am not going to say anything to him, I am just letting it be. But it bothers me really bad.

As for knitting, I keep pushing the Kyoto sweater off since I really don't like seaming. It's collar is still not attached yet. May be next week, I will finish it. On the other hand, I am having a little progress on my Liesel scarf. It doesn't look so good now, but my friends in SnB told me once it's blocked, it will be pretty.

I am sorry that I said I think I am fat. Since the last post, lots of people told me I am crazy because I said that. But I bet most of my HK's friends won't argue with me about that. It's just different cultures. Anyway, I shouldn't say "I think I am fat", I should say" I want to be thinner". It is just a personal feeling.

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Jimmy Fish said...


It's so funny to read your blog. Especially you talked about your opinion of Maths teachers. Yes, as a teacher, Chui sir taught us not good. I totally agree with you ^_^ Worse still, your current teacher is the same type... Hope it will not affect your study.