28 August, 2007

Anniversary Dinner

Finally, Andrew and I had time to go for our anniversary dinner. We went to East, my (used to) favorite restaurant. It has changed it's menu a bit, so I am not sure if it's still my favorite restaurant anymore, but it's still great! We had pot stickers as appetizer, then sushi and sashimi combo for two, and then fried icecream (must have) as dessert. We enjoyed the dinner very much. Then we went home and watched Hot Fuss. Very funny.

As for knitting, I finally have time to take/post some pictures. I haven't been knitting a lot, but here are some progress of my projects. First is the Oversized Lace Top. Please tell me if you see 2 colors of the top. I know, I am so annoying... ok, I will quit it. The left piece in the picture is the back of the Top, and I just passed the armholes on the front piece. Hopefully, I can finish it soon.

Then it's the microwave cover. Only couple inches left, and it will be done. And I will cast on my monkey socks... wait or should I finish my MS3? But I do need something to knit during SnB, and MS3 is not a project that I could do that. So, decision made, Monkey socks then!

And what else is exciting? Going back to school tomorrow of course. I panicked yesterday. I couldn't find my pencil bag which was holding all of my favorite hello kitty pens, and my tiny cute stapler which got so many "aww... it's so cute". After 10,000 hours later, I found it in my knitting bag. Why did I put it there? I really don't know. But I know I am all ready for school!

By the way, did anyone try to use the posting video function in blogger? I have tried, and never success!


KnelleyBelley said...

Your food pictures made me hungry. Your knitting pictures made me want to knit. Now I need to learn to eat and use knitting needles at the same time. Tricky.

Octopus Knits said...

Mmm... that dinner looks delicious! Your lace is lovely! Have fun at school!

Erin said...

Happy belated anniversary, and I hope your first day of school went well -- I still have a week to go before my first class, and I'm getting a little nervous. The lacy top looks great, btw!