22 August, 2007

Spoiled me

I am so spoiled... I got up this morning, I felt like I wanted to call in sick, so tired. Then the first think came into my mind was "um... Starbucks white cholocate mocha..." (not orange mocha fappachino). So, this morning, I got a Starbucks coffee AND a banana chocolate chip coffee cake. I have never had that before, it's so goooood that it makes my day. Although it's a fatty and expensive breakfast, but somedays you just want to treat yourself with something special!

I am so spoiled... After I broke my old camera on Saturday night, I got my new camera yesterday. Yay!!!

As knitting, I don't have much progress in anything. I had a busy weekend, though I went to SnB on Sunday. School starts of the 29th, but my Thursday night class doesn't start until September 13th, so I can still go to SnB Thursday night meeting for couple more weeks. Then I will start going to Sunday meetings.

No pictures today, but I am sure there will be in my next post. hehehe

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