25 August, 2007

Summer break is almost over.

I have been very tired lately. I have been busy at work. The last several weeks, I have been going to work at 7am and getting off work at 5pm, AND I go to bed at the regular time which is after mid-night. Basically, I only get 5-6 hours sleep everyday. I am not complaining since I know I am a night owl, I just can't go to bed at 10pm. And it seems I don't have problem getting up early. But I have noticed that I have been drinking at least 3 cups of coffee a day. Still not complaining, I love coffee anyway. I am complaining that I don't have much time to finish cleaning up the basement or to knit. I haven't touched my MS3 for maybe 3 weeks, and I still haven't finished the Oversized Lace Top. Summer is leaving, which means I am having less and less time to wear that lace top. Oh well. And I have let the "2 colors" problem in the lace top go already.

As I was saying we got a new camera, it's not a fancy one, but it does its jobs, and I am loving it! Here are some test pictures Andrew and I took.


jennsquared said...

cool camera! love those experimenting colors :)

KnelleyBelley said...

Those pictures are great. I want to see if my camera can do that. Doubt it, but I wish!

Anonymous said...

Your new camera looks like it may have a problem. Maybe your husband can buy you another one that works right. :)