07 August, 2007

I got an award

Octopus Knits has given me an award hehehe....

First, I need to thank my mom who has been always support my blogging career... just kidding. Thanks Octupus Knits for making me a Rockin' Girl Blogger, makes me feeling I am so special. Now I am giving this award to my blogger fellows. ( in no particular order)


I am catching up with the MS3. I wanted to knit faster, I brought it with me to SnB last Thursday night. I should have listen to Jenn that MS3 is not a good project for SnB. I either made mistakes or knitted very slow since I have to chat and listen to the SnBers. So last weekend, I spent lots of time finishing up clue 4(thank goodness), now I am on clue 5, the wing. I am so worried that after I saw some clue 5 pictures in the yahoo group, mine doesn't look like the others' at all... But if you know me well, you would know that I worry too much all the time, yes, that's me :D

I don't think I have shown my "chart reading setup". I am using a cookie sheet with couple long magnets to hold the chart paper. Andrew has made me a cookie sheet stand with a computer case frame... see it as the following picture. It doesn't look so good, but it works!!

Couple days ago I went to Target, and I found these Hello Kitty stuff in the $1 section. (except the band-aid, my mother in law bought it for me). Yay for me...

Speaking of Band-Aid, I have good stuff to recommend to all the lovely ladies.

I have seen this Blister Block, made by Band-Aid, in Jasmine's Wedding. I was wearing a pair of 4in heels thin strap sandals and they were killing my feet. So one of the bridesmaid introduced it to me and asked me to apply some on my feet. It worked!!!! Ladies, if you always get blisters when you wear new shoes or sandals, I highly recommend you buy this!!


jennsquared said...

awww! Thanks for the award!!! :) I LOVE your cookie sheet set up! It's so ingenius! We engineers... :)

costumechick said...

I got an award!
I use the cookie sheet thing sometimes too. It works great. I really have to try that blister block stuff too. If it works, it could be great for work!

acambras said...

Very cool!

Hey, did you see the Hello Kitty article I e-mailed you a couple of days ago? I sent it to the hotmail address on your profile.


Octopus Knits said...

Your welcome! The stole looks lovely (I bet you're just worrying unneccessarily -- I do that, too)! Thanks for the tip on the blister block.

acambras said...

Here's the article (copy/paste the link):


Made me think of you, the biggest Hello Kitty fan I know! :-)


Kelly said...

Hey! Thanks so much for the award!! I just feel so, so celebrated!!! :)

Your stole looks gorgeous. I don't know lace, but it looks even and beautiful to me!! You are doing a great job!