27 August, 2007

fun weekend

Thursday was my 4th year wedding anniversary. Andrew took me out for dinner and watch a movie. We had our dinner at foodcourt in the mall, very romantic. Actually, I don't mind at all since I know he will take me to some place nicer later. Then we watched Stardust. It was nice, suitable for our anniversary. It you like the Prince's Bride, you will like Stardust too. Of course, I have missed SnB that night.

Then Andrew had some friends from work came over to watch UFC on Friday night. Violence? I am ok with that. Plus there were lots of food for the fight party. Ken bought ribs from Uncle Willies, Jeff bought chicken wings, Sean and Debroah bought chips and wine. And I bought sushi.

On Saturday night, we went to Carolina's house for another BBQ(one on last week). I had marinated some chicken wings on Friday night and brought over for Carolina's bbq. Besides wings, we had burgers, hot dogs, chips and beer! After eating all the food, we play Wii. If you have a Wii, "Mario Party 8" is a must buy for a party. We, Carolina, Bijal, Miguel, Dave and I, tried to have a little fun before the school starts which is on Wednesday. Man, I can't wait for it starts!!

Today, Sunday, We continuely celebrating our anniversary. We went to watch a movie again, we saw Harry Potter. All the HP fans, I am sorry, but I don't think I like the movie. I almost felt asleep at some points. Then we went home and took care of some stuff. Around 6pm, we headed out and tried to go to East for our anniversary dinner. We drove all the way to Milford, about 6 miles(hehehe), and it was CLOSED!!! They close on Sunday. OK, then we went home and had our leftover ribs for dinner tonight. Oh and we watched the movie Perfume while having our dinner. Weird movie, not recommanded.

So, our plan is going to East for dinner tomorrow night. We will see if it will happen or not...


acambras said...

Happy Anniversary!

We missed you at S&B the other night. Hope to see you this week!


Jen said...

Happy Anniversary!

Hope to see you this week at SnB. Maybe the new team will show up again.

Octopus Knits said...

Happy Anniversary! We saw Stardust this week, too! (and enjoyed it)

KnelleyBelley said...

Happy Anniversary!

Hope you can come to SnB on Thursday night - last chance before classes start?