19 February, 2007

Happy Chinese New Year!

Yesterday was Chinese New Year, but Andrew and I didn't do anything special to celebrate.
Chinese New Year's Eve is very important to us. It's like Christmas Eve or Thanksgiving, all the people would have a very nice dinner at home with their family. And we also have a "open year dinner" with all the family on Chinese New Year night. My parent has gone to CA to visit my uncles and aunts there. Kaho just stayed at home alone. I have made some chinese food for those two night. I have made beef and veggie stir fried with rice cake and dumplings for New Year's Eve, and porridge and turnip cake for New Year night.

I haven't finished my first Jaywalker sock, because... After I turned the heel and started the gusset, I tried it on. Then I found out, it's very very tight for my foot. I was so upset, and then I ripped it and re-knitted it from the very beginning. oh well....

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acambras said...

Happy New Year, Phoebe!