05 February, 2007


If I say it in a nicer way, I like to share my good stuff with people. If I say it in a "truly" way, yes, I like to show off :D I am a honest person. I don't like to hide my feelings, unless it's "necessary". Some people would hate me, but some people would appreciate my honesty. Anyway, here we go...

I have finally finished the Kyoto sweater. The whole seaming process was the delaying factor. It's doesn't look to nice, but it's done and fit me!!

I finally shopped outside of AC Moore. There was a SuperBowl Sale at Yarn Garden and Yarn Barn yesterday. I finished all my homework, well, most of them, so that I could sneak out for couple hours yarn shopping. I only got sock yarns at Yarn Garden which had 41% off of all yarn. So these are what I got. I didn't get anything in Yarn Barn because there so like 40 people waiting in line to the register, and the store was ridiculously packed, with people of course. Plus, not much nice yarn were on sale... very disappointing. So I got 3 hanks of Cherry Tree Hill's
superwash merino fingering weight in (from the left) sugar maple, spainsh moss, and spring frost, and a ball of scheepjes? I don't know what language it is... 75% of virgin wool and 25% of nylon. So 4 pairs of socks, they will keep me busy for long time.

After yarn shopping, Andrew and I went fish shopping. Since we have been rearranging the living room, we thought we might get away of the fish tank. But we still had 2 fish left, which we don't want to just "kill" them. So we bought a small fish tank for them. And then after we moved some furniture, we found out the big fish tank actually wasn't really too big for the living room. So we kept it. We bought 8 more fish for the big fish tank and 3 gold fish for the small tank. So who is the happiest now? Sticky of course.
small fish tank

big fish tank

Lastly, I need to show "this", because, as for studying, I never did good when I was in HK. I am not smart, but "this" can show how hard I have been studying. I am happy that I do well in studying now. It may be the last time I have "it", that's why I have to show "it" to everyone.


jennsquared said...

Congratulations! That's awesome for everything! Especially the Dean's List! So happy for you! I know you have been studying very hard! The Kyoto sweater looks fabulous on you! and I can't wait to see your socks!!! :)

costumechick said...

Seaming gets better with experience. It never gets FUN, but it gets easier! Congrats on the Dean's List!!

Anonymous said...

I think you deserve to brag, you did a good job with it!
I'm sad I missed the yarn sale. Oh well I guess I'll have to wait till the annual sale in May.

Anonymous said...

=( pheebs! just got home from that lab! it sucksssss!! i dont think im going to make that list next semester!!! IM SO JEALOUS!!!