15 February, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day!

I did have a happy Valentine's Day. Although Andrew and I did not do anything special, I still had a very good time. We ordered a take out dinner from Texas Roadhouse and had a very romantic dinner while watching a movie at home. Andrew used lots of efford to look for the gifts for me. What did I get? After work, he called several game stores to find the "Wii Play" for me. Since it was launched on the 13th, it was sold out everywhere. But finally, he found it at Target in the mall. Beside the game, he also got me something else. It is being mailed, so I will tell what it is once I have got it. I didn't get him a good gift compare to what he got me. I bought him the Celtic Women cd and DVD. He said he likes their songs which would make him have goosebum? (don't know how to spell). Anyway. The steak I order from Texas Roadhouse was so good, and Andrew loves their ribs too. I think it's a 4.5 stars restaurant!!

We had a little snow yesterday. So in the morning, I got up a little earlier than I usually do, and see if the school was closed or not. While all the schools were closed in Connecticut, University of New Haven which is my school was still opened. I was very depressed and then got ready for school. I was driving about 25 miles/hour on Rt 1, the road was awful, 4 lanes become 2. When I arrived to the classroom, the building was almost empty. The classroom door was locked, and the professor said "this class should have been cancelled", I know!! The class was supposed to started at 9:30am, ended at 11:30am, but most of the people came in very late, some of them didn't even show up. Around 11am, the school annouced that they were closing, no class in the afternoon and evening. I was a little mad, why didn't they just closed when everyone else did in the morning, instead of having the students drove all the way from home and had one class. So stupid. Then I had the afternoon off which I was trying to finish some homework at home. I didn't get to knit!! So sad.


Lilith Parker said...

My school was open for morning classes, too. I don't go in until 12:30, though, so I got to stay home and knit. :)

I think the non-winter we've been having has messed with some administrators' brains. They've forgotten that snow really does make it difficult for people to drive.

Anonymous said...

I would have just stayed home. I didn't even have to go to work on Wed because the roads were so bad!
Oh how is Wii Play? It got mixed reviews I don't know if I wanna buy it or not. I really just want Duck Hunt but I heard it's not even the original Duck Hunt on there.