13 February, 2007

Help Needed

Tonight, I went back to Gateway to visit my Physics professor. I sent an email to him and asked for help on some Statics problems a week ago. He is a awesome teacher who made me understood lots of basic physic concept which has been very useful in my classes now. Now I am having physics problems, of course I go back to him :D He gave me some help on Statics and some solutions of my book. I am so glad and thankful for what he did to me. Since I am not a Gateway student any more, he didn't have to do more work for me. So it was very very generous of him.

I chatted with Becky couple days ago. she said she was going to cast on a pair of socks, and that made me want to knit a pair also. So, After I said goodbye to her, I casted on the Jaywalker Socks right away.

I have finished my Liesel Scarf. I have used 5 balls of Debbie Bliss Baby AIpaca Silk in Lavender and it's very very long :D I have blocked it and it looks much better now. I love it.

Finally, I have made some progress on crocheting the rice cooker cover. It's only made by single crochet, very simple, but hey, I am a beginner, and that is very difficult for me. (In the picture, there is my new Hello Kitty measuring tape)


Baby Beth said...

The scarf looks great!!

Anonymous said...

The scarf looks really good. And I'm jealous of your hello kitty measuring tape!